Saturday , November 28 2020

Early mortality reached a historic record in Chile

In recent years, in Chile, in particular between 2013
and 2015, cancer mortality shows an increase of 139 cases per 100
thousands of inhabitants in 2013 to 143 in 2015; according to the latest figures
managed by the Ministry of Health (Minsal).

According to the slogan La Tercera, during the first government of Sebastian
Pnyara is expected to reduce cancer mortality to 97 cases
100 residents in 2020. However, Health Minister Emilio Santells,
has rejected that projection can be achieved by stating one of the reasons
increasing risk factors.

These agents are aging
population, smoking, sedentary lifestyles and obesity. On this last,
the ranking of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Agriculture (FAO) places Chile as the second OECD country with the highest
obesity, indicating that 34.4% of Chileans aged over 15 years
high levels of this disease.

In the case of women, breast cancer is presented as
the main cause of Chilean death, this type of cancer is greatest
treated with GES, with 37% followed by cervical cancer by 13%. also,
If, in 1990, 823 women died of breast cancer, in 2015 the figure grew to
1,511, an increase of 35% over 26 years.

Among the risk indicators associated with breast cancer
the age of patients is defined as one of the most important factors,
which represents a greater risk for women over 60 years of age. On the other hand,
family history and obesity also play an important role in
the development of this disease.

Cancer Law

On 25 October,
The Republic of Sebastien Pinera announced that it would work under the Cancer Law,
pointing to the implementation of national policy as a starting point
Cancer, whose purpose is to provide care for all Chileans
worthy and efficient by the state and civil society at the moment
has faced this disease.

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