Thursday , January 21 2021

Earthquake, the variable analyzed by Amazon to settle in Chile

We are going to Chile, but we need to appreciate the place so the activity is not affected by this type of situation, "said one of the company executives.

The eternal dispute over which country in the region will keep the long-awaited Amazon investment begins to be defined by the giant of e-commerce, which details the factors that analyze each option.

Several times the company met with local authorities to learn in detail issues like tax or connectivity. But there are details – and not insignificant – who are considering dwelling in Chile – earthquakes.

In a conversation with journalists from the region at a seminar in Las Vegas, Theresa Carlson, head of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public sector, said she had no destination and that they were still analyzing the opportunities they had in folders like Chile and Argentina.

"To use Chile as an example, I did not know there were so many earthquakes, so obviously this is turning into a variable we have to think about, we go to Chile, but we have to evaluate the place well so that the activity does not appear affected from such situations, "the CEO said, according to the iProUP website published by the Argentine website.

In the footsteps undertaken in the country, he commented that "with the Chilean government, we are working with the administration and the ministries so that we can create a situation with a variable cause, so it is possible to cross the budget information, for example, and use the money more efficiently citizens, "he explained.

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