Wednesday , January 27 2021

Eight consecutive reduction of gasoline and sixth for diesel fuel

  • The new prices represent an accumulated decrease of L.11.30 in gasoline and L.7.13 in diesel fuel

For the eighth consecutive week, the fall in fuel prices on the national territory will continue, starting next Monday.

The reduction in costs is due to the downward trend in international crude oil prices, which has an impact on the reduction in the price of refined products.

After 8 weeks of consecutive sales, they are cumulative L.11.30 for higher gasoline; L.11.36 for ordinary gasoline; L.7.13; in diesel fuel and L. 8.37 in the automotive LPG.

The Energy Secretariat through the Hydrocarbons Directorate formalizes the price structure that will come into effect from Monday 10th to Sunday, December 16th of this year.


Therefore, in Tegucigalpa, the highest liter of gasoline will cost L24.36; ordinary gasoline L22.03; kerosene L17.77; Diesel L21.93 and LPG vehicle L43.06.

San Pedro Sula

In turn, in San Pedro Sula, the upper liter of gasoline will have a value of L23.84; ordinary gasoline L.21.52; kerosene L.17.24; diesel fuel L.21.39 and LPG for vehicles L.40.50.

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