Sunday , June 20 2021

Embrace the Brothers: Manuel Garcia and Pedro Aznar work together on a new album society

Manuel Garcia and Pedro Aznar they are recorded in Buenos Aires a the new album as a whole which will be called conditionally "Embrace the brothers", the one it will contain." unpublished materials and covers musicians such as Violeta Para, Atawalpa Jupani and Gustavo Cherati.

The first progress interpreters are about "Tomorrow's Song," the original of the Penkista Los Beeckers.

The album will be presented live on May 25th in the duet concert at Movistar Arena, in Santiago.

Manuel Garcia told ADN that he was in Madrid when he received the call for co-operation and "to sing I curse from the sky to have dinner together and start the project Embrace the brothers it was nothing more than a wink.

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