Thursday , November 26 2020

Emotional David Pizarro was honored by U at his last match in the national match

David Pizarro will finish his long career at the end of the year. However, what they tried to persuade him to postpone his retirement, just as he did in 2017 to play another year, Fantasista announced a few weeks ago that the decision has already been made and there is no turning back.

For the same, in Universidad de Chile wanted to pay tribute to him in the last game of the year in the national team, this Sunday before Iquique Sports and before the meeting they gave him T-shirt with frame number 8 and message saying "thank you David", in addition to receiving a great deal of oath from the fans who performed the "nueva spot and even a message on social networks of Marcello Diaz.

"Maybe today is the last match of David Pizarro in the National Stadium. He made an enviable career and worthy of admiration, an example to follow. With respect for him. He deserves to be applauded until he can show recognition of a great Chilean football player (sic), "Carpato writes.

After tribute, excited David Pizarro returned to the bench on the brink of tears and was waiting for his chance to play in the last game of Nacional, who came with a second half to replace Yerko Liva.

on David Pizzaro's race will end next weekendwhen visiting Curicó Unido at La Granja Stadium.

Honoring the Fans / Images: Photosport Honoring the Fans / Images: Photosport
Pizzaro excites / image: Photosport Pizzaro excites / image: Photosport

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