Friday , December 4 2020

England | Championship | Marcello Bilsa stops training to congratulate Patrick Bamford for Leeds United | VIDEO

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The English championship has always been led, but this season 2018-19 showed a special attraction: Marcello Bielska. The experienced coach took over the reins Leeds United, immediately feel way to work, style of play and get good results because he is set to expect to achieve promotion.

Although he is aware of the difficult job that "Loco" Bielsa wants from his team, this afternoon had a nice touch with one of the assailants who make up the team. The coach guides the practices, this time with plays prepared during a match, and the most prominent in these movements was Patrick Bamford,

The striker, after a long pass, first determined the volley and left no chance to stop the young goalkeeper William Huffer. The goal unleashed the joy of Marcello Bielska, who quickly went, accelerating a little, to his player to congratulate him on the actions he had just made. The other players watched this with laughter.

Patrick Bamford and Marcello Bilsa were entwined and then continued their training. The 25-year-old English striker works hard to gain more continuity with Leeds United in order to climb First League, as he was only in 5 games in this tournament, adding 53 minutes.


Patrick Bamford he scored 11 goals in 41 games with Middlesbrough last season of the Championship.

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