Thursday , July 29 2021

Epic says Valve has the key to stop receiving exclusions

In recent months, one of the issues that has been mentioned is the exclusivity that Epic Games Store has achieved with several PC releases. The above is a topic that ravaged many players, especially those who have a huge library of Steam. However, it seems that the only one that can put an end to this situation is Valve, or so says Epic Games.

In a series of tweetsTim Sweene, founder and CEO of Epic Games, said that if Steam took a lower commission than selling each game then Epic would stop looking for its exclusive store. That's not all, as he also said that if they did, they would consider putting their games in this store.

"If Steam pledges to give 88% of all developer and distributor revenue without important terms, then Epic will withdraw from the exclusions (complying with our engagement with partners) and we will consider putting our games on Steam," the manager said.

Sweeney later said that if Valve did something like that, it would be a "glorious move in the history of PC games," considering it would have a significant impact on other platforms. "Then stores can return as good places to buy things instead of the game developers' tax system," he concludes.

In case you do not know when Epic Games announced the Epic Games Store, it became clear that one of its most important features is that it wants a lower commission from developers. While Valve retains 30% of the sale of each game, Epic Games only requires 12%. Given this, the company has changed some Steam policies; however, they have benefited only from some developers and their commission is still significantly higher than that of the Epic Games Store.

And what do you think of Tim Sweene's statements? Do you think the end of your exclusions is really looking for the best for developers? Tell us in the comments.

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