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Even if you have a healthy weight, a small reduction in calories may have benefits – 15.07.2019

Having a healthy weight or just being overweight will not be a good reason to sit lazily, according to a new study, suggesting that when it comes to reducing the risk of illnesses such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, you can always improve a little .

The study, published in the magazine Diet and Endocrinology of Lancet, was carried out by a team from Duke University in the United States and supported by the National Institute of Health (NIH). The results show that in adults who already have a healthy weight or who weigh only a few pounds, they reduce about 300 calories a day. – which are, for example, six full chocolate biscuits – significantly improved levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and other markers.

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The study, called CALERIE (Overall Assessment of the Long-Term Effects of Energy Intake Reduction) 218 adults under 50Researchers rely on the hypothesis that not only weight loss leads to these improvements, but also that more complex metabolic changes are involved.

"There are some calorie-limiting mechanisms that we still do not understand, but which lead to these improvements," says study lead author William Kraus, a cardiologist and professor of medicine. "We have collected blood, muscle and other samples from these participants and we will continue to investigate what this metabolic signal or magical molecule might be," he said.

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In the first month of the study, participants are given three meals per day, which limits one-fourth of their daily calories. They can choose from six different eating plans that fit their cultural preferences or other needs. During the first six months, they also attended individual and group consultations, while members of the control group had to continue with their usual diet and meet the researchers once every six months.

Participants in the first group were asked to maintain a 25% reduction in calories for two years. Their ability to do this is diverse, the authors acknowledge. But they succeeded Maintain a 10% drop in your weightAccording to the study, 71% are fat. Researchers have found improvements in markers that measure the risk of metabolic diseases. After two years, participants also showed a decrease in the biomarker, indicating chronic inflammation associated with heart disease, cancer and cognitive impairment.

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This shows that even a modification that is not as important as the one we used in this study can reducing the burden of diabetes and cardiovascular disease"It can be done quite simply by just paying attention to small imprudence, or perhaps by reducing the quantity, such as having no snacks after dinner," he concludes.

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