Wednesday , December 2 2020

Everton, Palestine and Temuko are playing their lives this Saturday to avoid the descent

Twenty – ninth date of National Championship You live with tension. Three teams play this Saturday for their Opportunity for Persistence in the First Division, and ANFP organized parallel duels to avoid sports benefits.

It is Everton and Palestine, that with victory they strive to put an end to their fear of "B" in addition to Sports Temuko and his challenge to La Calera to come alive on the last day.

Vinamarinos, the fourteenth in the 28-point ranking, are under Basanos for one unit and expect the whole impulse at the bar of the Sausalito stadium to face one who was just crowned in the Chilean Cup.

Palestine was definite in its final match against Audax Italiano to qualify and secure its international presence next season at Copa Libertadores, which contrasted with Auriazouli's predecessor, who arrived with an incorrect draw of two falls and a victory in the national team tournament.

Pije wants to avoid the drama

Sports Temuco, meanwhile, has been featured on Cement with a win over Audax in the past week. But before that six consecutive falls which raise doubts about their performance that day.

The panorama of La Calera is no better. Those of Victor Reverero take seven defeats online which brought them out of the struggle to the top. However, they will try to make Albrends a place for the next Copa Sudamericana.

The action of these two parties programmed on 8:00. (23:00 GMT), you can follow it in full Virtual bookmarks of

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