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Exclusive material: Francisco Silva's amazing double life – national Tvn


"I can make a lot of mistakes and have a lot of mistakes (sic), but from there I kill somebody … the road is pretty good."

With these words and only one day before being arrested as a suspect in the disappearance and offense of Prof. Nivaldo Vilgues, Francisco Silva He tried to convince his former innocence, by telephone, of his innocence.

24 hours agree with this revealing dialogue Mary (fictitious name of the interviewee), a person who knew this paramedic guards and guards very well. During the four years when they were together, she witnessed the aggressive and violent nature of this calm man.


Although she felt "panic" when she first saw him, Francisco insisted on convincing Maria to start a romantic relationship. Today, however, the accused immediately showed his most cruel side.

"There was a discussion and he hit me, he hit me combo, he threw me into bed, in this first case, they were fist blows, then what he always did: he asked forgiveness and said that never again there will not be a bruise on my face but I did not complain because I thought for the first time that it would never happen again., account.

Besides this episode, the woman, very frightened at this time, adopted a "code of obedience". He controlled her in everything: calls, friendships and appearance in the style of "Christian Gray" I Creole. This attitude was fueled by the constant thinning that Silva began to experience through aesthetic surgery.


All this adds Silva's drug use. Although he lived in debt, the consumption of hallucinogenic substances made him fall even more. "I asked him, and he said" yes, "he used cocaine, started to spend a lot of money," she remembers Maria.

On the other hand, the desire to become independent made this woman, with a lot of effort, managed to raise money to pay the pace of her own home. However, Francisco Silva has not paid a single fee, but appeared as an "accomplice," as her low income left her out of the scope of an unsecured loan.

At that time, increased interest was added by the criminal suspected of Villegas property: – He told me that something would happen to me and that he would keep the house, the apartment that was as much to him as I did (…) it was a fixation I had with my property. that he would send other people to hurt me, he told me that he would send other people to hurt me when he hit me with combos, he threw me to the ground, he kicks me– acknowledges Maria.


"What I heard or what Johanna told me was that the guy was not very pure wheat, he saw a lot of pornography, he liked the little girls, I think he was looking for transvestites … his" country B "is heavy.

Thus, Francisco describes Maria in the last conversation before being arrested by Professor Nivaldo Villegas. But to whom does he actually talk about the murdered teacher or the mirror of his own existence?

The truth is that 24 hours He agreed to publish unpublished photographic material that shows Francisco at parties in front of the camera suggestive sexual postures and erotic toys with friends.

Mary today remembers Francisco as an unpredictable person who could move from calm to rage for no apparent reason or for trifles. When the paramedic ended, the paramedic returned to his mother's home in Valparaiso, where he had a family battle that ended suicide attempt and subsequent hospitalization of Francisco in a psychiatric clinic in Santiago.

He was interned for two months "bipolar disorder" and "problems with the control of anger"But when she was written, she went to accept it. It was a day she would never forget, as she says below:

"I started doing things, he went into the bedroom, and since I left very early, I did not make my bed and he saw the piece and asked me who I was, what kind of person he was up to in my bed and there he was offending me again , that he's a bitch that he's the maraak, he regrets that he's with me, he's dirty and he's beating me in his face … he hit me several times with his fists on the face I reached for the intercom and shouted to call the police he wanted to he left and did not know how to hold him because I had to pay for everything he did to me, he sat in the chair and mocked me that the nick it would not arrive that no one would help me and I had to stop it, I felt self-confidence and had to climb on it, kiss him, tell him that I forgave him that we would go together but inside He wanted to killed him, could not resist his humiliations until they hit the uerta, and thank God they were Carabineros … From there they did not even ask me what was wrong because they saw my distorted face "This is the testimony of the victim.

Today the woman lives horrified. He withdrew his complaint as many victims of intimate violence in the face of Francisco's threats against him as well as his family.


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