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Execute Freddie Mercury reveals some of his memories

Since then, they have been 27 years old the death of Freddy Mercury, one of the most respected and recognized singers of all rock history,

Throughout his life there were several characters who were part of the personal story of this icon of British rock; one of them is Peter Phoebe Freestone, who has been his personal assistant for more than ten years, has even become one of his best friends. Radio RCN He talks with him to learn more about Mercury's daily routine.

In dialogue with the program During the weekend, by Radio RCN, Freestone talks about it Freddy Mercury's strongest memory, which guarantees this this was his laughter; realize that in the privacy of your home, Mercury was a man who laughed a lot and despite the fact that in TV interviews he tried to hide his teeth while he was at home, he did not have the problem of laughing aloud, showing one of Characteristics of the mercury image what's more remembered.

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About the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody"which tells some highlights the life of Freddy Mercury, Freestone expressed the need to understand that it was a Hollywood tone to emphasize that although there are real moments in her narrative, she should not be seen as a documentary about the queen's experiences and vocalist.

He also stressed that there were two or three moments during this movie with which he managed to move performed by Rami Malek the real Freddie Mercury I go back to life. "I was crying two or three times watching the film, sometimes Rami Malek's move moved me to see Freddie Mercury": Freddie Mercury's personal assistant to PKN over the weekend.

He also talks about that moment in which rock star found she was suffering from HIV and how, rather than being shocked, he takes this illness as an opportunity to deliver his best to his fans while it is possible for him, in fact, Freestone stresses Mercury's strength to cope with his illness.

Freestone also takes the opportunity to tell what it is Freddie Mercury's favorite song where he revealed that even though he believed "Bohemian Rhapsody" has a special meaning for the queen's vocalist, no doubt there was a favorite theme "Somebody Loves". For Freestone, her favorite song is very little known, she is called "My melancholy blues," whose peculiarity is that it leaves the marked line on the guitar of Brian May, who was once the instrumental hero of the band.

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Mercury's personal assistant also talks a little about what Resurrection of Queen's Music after the film and explains that it makes him very happy that the new generations have the opportunity to learn more about it the meaning that the queen has in the history of rock music The British and the world.

Another thing to talk about are these rumors about where Ashes of a Queen Singer, Freestone said he did not know where are the remains of Mercury, as he himself asked only a few people to know about his last resting place, as he did not want his remains to be worshiped by fans. The only person Freestone certainly knows where Freddy Mercury's ashes rest is his ex-wife, Mary Austin.

Finally, Freestone emphasizes: a a life that Freddie Mercury's story could leave: If there is something you want to do in life, with effort and struggle, it will be possible to achieve it without any doubt. Mercury dreamed to be a childhood musician and with the urge to achieve the proposed one (one of his main features), he managed to become one of the greatest voices of English rock of all time.

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