Sunday , September 25 2022

Executives initiate offensive communication to spread economic achievements


The macro-economic scenario is still around La Moneda. It was an opposition-driven attack criticizing promises that were not met in terms of growth and employment, crossing the Political Committee last Monday.

To survive, La Moneda broadcasts one minute to members of the Chilean Vamos parliament.

Documents prepared by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Presidency with the title "Reactivation of the economy in 2018", are arranged in 6 points with informative charts, and compare the current administrative figures with the government of Michelle Bachelet.

1 In the first point, "Reactivation of economic growth", it is detailed that between 2014-2017 the country grew an average of 1.7%, while so far this year 4.2%, in response to signals from the third quarter slowdown which averaged 2 , 9%.

2 It is highlighted that "Chile is growing more than the world", referring again to the average Bachelet (1.7%) compared to the world in the same period (3.5%) and the scenario for this year, where the world grew 3.7% and Chile 4.1%.

3 "Investment regrowth" is the third point, also compared to the previous administration, where the variable is average
-1.7% in 4 years, supporting points with data from the Central Bank where there is an investment recovery to date at 5.1% on average.

4 The most commented topics of the current administration, the labor market, appear in point 4, "More and better jobs", highlight the creation of 144,000 jobs, versus 119 thousand for the period 2014-2017, creation of 139 thousand jobs with quotes (jobs quality matches the bill) versus 32 thousand Bachelet's annual average.

5 "Again, productivity increases", highlighting the Clapes-UC study, which shows that the TFP between 2014-2017 was negative, and that this year it grew during the first two quarters.

6 In this last point, "The policy behind economic reactivation", alludes to the projects presented: modernization of taxes, labor agenda, agenda for productivity and fiscal responsibility.

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