Sunday , July 25 2021

Exodus Metro Receives Thousands of Positive Ratings for Steam

Metro Exit was not published on Steam, the Valve digital platform, but that did not stop players from leaving comments and positive analysis of the game's 4A Games, The PC version of the game will be available in the Epic Games Store's digital store for one year, exclusively, so get to Steam in February 2020,

Metro Exit it's not Steam … but the players like it equally

From the past February 15thSteam's Steam Metro Exit has collected 2533 reviews, of which 85% are positive critics of the game.

Metro Exodus received 2533 reports; 85% are positive analyzes

Players stopped appreciating the graphics, history, and good performance of the 4A Games title. "Definitely, I will say that it is worth buying this game, if you ever go back to Steam, "write a user.

"One of the best games played by a story I've played," adds another user. "The 4A team made a masterpieceThis game is an art. "

"This game is an art"

Since Epic Games Store does not have a comment section, it seems that players will have taken the opportunity to analyze Steam as usual and … also to launch another arrow against the Epic Games platform:

"A fantastic game so far, but you made a bad choice by placing it in the Epic Games Store"adds another player." I hope the Epic Games store will fail. "

The fact that Metro Exit received positive comments, although not available at Steam, will also compensate for the bad criticisms that players have bombed the other two titles in the series.

We remind you of this Metro Exit It's available on both PC and PS4 and Xbox 1. You can read our analysis in the following link.

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