Friday , December 3 2021

Ezzati reappeared: "Unfortunately the predecessor that was submitted was not mine" – National


Ezzati reappeared:

The Archbishop of Santiago referred to his decision to remain silent after being called to testify about cases of concealment in the Catholic Church.

Archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati, reappeared in public opinion after remaining silent after being called upon to testify to cases of concealment in the Catholic Church and stating that the background of the court was not his.

The cardinal appeared at the inauguration of the La Viñita church restoration in Recoleta, where he stated that "I stated that when I had a background where they wanted to interrogate me, I would do it. Unfortunately the predecessors that have been sent are not mine, they have given antecedents of the Rancagua Diocese and not mine."

This was after Ezzati's defense request for his dismissal in cases of abuse of abuse within the Catholic Church.

According to the slogan Cooperative, in early October, the cardinal was summoned to testify before prosecutor Emilio Arias, when he requested dismissal and decided to exercise the right to remain silent.

The archbishop was also summoned for August 21 but the defense requested to postpone it, saying that they had to review the background.


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