Sunday , June 20 2021

Facebook will allow cross-messages between Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

This is a leak from a reliable source. In the future, these social networks look the same in the background.

Facebook has three of the most important platforms for interacting on the planet: WhatsApp, Instagram and your own MessengerSo, it is obviously only a matter of time to start the unification process.

All this is for an informant report; published in a reliable source of The New York Times. Where it is certain that Facebook will have specific plans and actions to allow cross-messages between its three social networks.

This is not the merging of all into a new platform. In fact, the report ensures that each service will continue to function as a stand-alone application.

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Regardless of Facebook people already restores its core infrastructure; so people can use WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger to send messages to one of the other sites.

Ultimately, the goal of this project, which is no longer so secret, will be to find a way to ensure end-to-end encryption in communications. As well as integrating the platform's ecosystem.

The truth is that Facebook has not yet officially confirmed everything; and give an approximate date for integration.

This movement implies that the growth of the three platforms is different. That in one, users are more engaged than in another.

But uniting the three will help strengthen its foundation.

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