Wednesday , January 20 2021

Fach's former commander with everything against Pinera's critics: "I do not like being shot"

Former Chilean Air Force Chief (FACh) Riccardo Ortega criticizes questions that President Sebastien Pinera made on the monetary cost of the last ceremony to change the command of an armed institution.

Last Tuesday, in an interview with Radio Bio, Bio Pinera noted that "the change of Air Force Command has cost more than changing the president's command (…) the excessive costs that worry me, and that will not come back to repeat."

On this statement, Ortega, who was in charge of the FACh between 2006 and 2010, told La Segunda that "all these costs are being considered in the budget, and the planes are not going for a walk."


He added that "the President saw me when I sent FACh with more planes and he said nothing, now he has been president for almost a year, and if he was worried about the number of planes, he could say eight months that "I do not want this done" and the order would be executed.

He also explained that he had met with other former commanders 15 days ago, noting that "we were not happy at all, we are not left or right, but we see that they are brutal, we do not want to be used for the kick and combo.

On the other hand, he turned to Defense Minister Alberto Espina, saying he "is trying to do everything possible, and I do not think these attacks are starting from him.


Ortega again pointed out the arrows against the president, saying that "the defense minister has tried to reduce and put things in their proper relationship." The president is the chief commander of the Armed Forces, and if he has anything to say he is doing in the field, but these demonstrations of power worsen the nation.

Finally, he said that "the president is a person who is very connected with the polling stations and when he rejects several points, this is a tragedy and we are looking for something that will give him a quick return." And that gives the armed forces because they do not hit him It's not fair, I do not like being broken.

It should be remembered that FACh revealed that the last change in the institution's command cost $ 634,452, $ 438,095,291.

Out of this amount, US $ 554,422, approximately $ 382,833,839, corresponds to the employment of aviation media that handles a total of 72 aircraft.

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