Sunday , May 9 2021

Family problems? Harry and Megan Markle leave the Kensington palace


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Prince Harry – Harry, in the United Kingdom – and his wife, American dictator Mehan Marc, must leave Kensington Palace in 2019, local media reported.

In this way, the couple will leave the palace they shared in recent months with Cambridge's dukes and other members of the royal family, such as Evgenia de York.

From next spring, they will be staying at Frogmore Villa, located at Windsor Palace, about 40 kilometers away.

But why is this solution?

According to a source at the palace, the tabloid "The Sun" announces that initially Harry and Megan will move to one of the main palace apartments; however, "there is little tension" between Enrique and his brother Guillermo.

It should be remembered that Sussex's husbands, who married in May, expect their first child.

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