Friday , December 4 2020

Fani Quevas said she was wrong about the Paloma Mummy Society

Reality exchica Cave Fani participates Pasapalabra from Chilevisión and there is a wave of criticism in social networks.

But that was not the only thing that attracted our attention and the winner Conflicting worlds she said she was wrong with the singer Dove Mommy, after the host of the program, Julian Elfenbein, commented on the resemblance.

"They told me I looked like"he said, adding that "They arrived (people) and told me" Hey, you're Paloma Mommy, "and I say" No, I'm Fani Quevas ",

Cuevas clarified that he thinks he does not look like the translator It is not stable, but in the same way confuse them with her. "They say I look, I think not"It's over.

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