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That was in 2016 woman's image of Jack Sparrow he stunned the world when he revealed that he had married to a real pirate ghost, who has put fear in Haiti more than 300 years ago.

Amanda Teague, 45 years, she met Jack when her spirit appeared in 2014 while she was lying downBy some means he could communicate with the spirit that had been abandoned years ago on the altar and finally died the crime of the crime.

However, over time, Amanda began to feel love for the specter, to the point of falling in love and finally accepting to marry Jack in international waters, at a shaman-led ceremony.

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However, all love apparently disappeared after the woman revealed that the marriage was over. A mother of 5 children, a product of a previous marriage, published in social networks that "it is time for everyone to know that my marriage is over".

"I will explain everything in a timely manner, but for now, all I want to say is to be very careful when you go into spiritualityIt's not easy … "Teague went deeper.

He said the ghost pirate He has undergone severe sepsis that takes him to the hospital and keeps him in bed for six months, a period in which, according to the woman who did not report, reveals the Irish mirror.

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