Sunday , June 13 2021

Figures: The Wizard and Gonzalez analyzed the Arab attack

Jimenez and the goalkeeper of Palestine were the most prominent in the historic penalties in Colombia.

The 1-1 draw in the first match and the same result in the rematch led the Independent Medellin (DIM) and Palestinian to identify the Copa Libertadores second-round series in the penalty shootout.

There Ignacio Gonzalez showed up and joined Luis Jimenez as the most remarkable team of Ivo Basay, who is now looking for a rival between Sao Paulo and Taleres, the key with which Cordoba's club has an advantage of 2-0 (definitely Wednesday). in Brazil).

The goalkeeper, for example, assesses the attitude of his team. "It was a two-way trip, we had a few injuries and we knew how to deal with the situation," said the tank keeper.

"We are happy because we have reached this stage, and things have gone well," Jimenez said after the meeting.

"We took the team when it was almost down, we saved it, we won the Chilean Cup and thanks to that we are here. We were just winners, we did not expect the penalties, but Palestinian was playing better. Beyond the draw, I think we deserved the victory before, "Basay said.

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