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Figures to be taken into account in Lollapalooza 2019

One hundred and twenty-one groups and soloists, half of them Chilean and third, related to electronic and hip-hop, are read on the plaque of the ninth edition of the competition, which will be held in March 2019 between March 29th and March 31st. Oaks Higgins Park

From gurus and classics

They tried it with Robert Plant in 2015, and eventually achieved it with David Byrne in 2018, and it is probably one of the five best concerts in the history of Lolapalóza in Chile. The arrival of the legendary Caetano Veloso in 2019 also aims to fill the space previously occupied by the former singers of Led Zeppelin and Talking Heads, respectively. This means that the "niche" of the classics has become a guru, which should be watched with caution in the middle of the afternoon, which will not lead to a large audience (because there are others) but which will "dress" the race qualitative and high artistic flight.


Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone arrive at the best of their career. Like Kanye West in 2011 or The Weeknd in 2017, albeit with heterogeneous results. Simply put, they arrive with the obligation to make what they pay today in the music industry. The first one is doing it, with the profile being the great hip-hop innovator, and the second with the perfect combination of this world and the commercial pop. Their presence also reassures the concerns of those who have historically asked for current names in the world of music today. If so, with these names the message "Lolla 2019" corresponds to one of the many goals that need to be met.

Cubia and Chile

Americo said Chile Lopalpaloosa was the only major event he missed in Chile. And there is the official release of the ninth edition and confirms the discovery of the organization with a genre that in 2018 shone with Santa Caterina and Damas Gratis. Former Alegría also heads the big Chilean delegation that adds significant names like Ana Tijoux in her fourth contest, and Gepe, third, in addition to the fake aces, Fiskales Ad Hok k and LaFloripondio, longstanding but debutantes in this appointment .

To find out

Perhaps the main contribution of Lolapalóza in Chile is exactly this: new music, debutants, the ability to understand promises or emerging ones. And there are names in this section in the ninth version. Starting with Rosalia, the great thousand-year-old guitar that revolutionized flamenco; Greta van Fleet, Led Zeppelin's emotional childhood emotions that are so enthusiastic about nostalgia for old rock and rock, and Sam Smith – British romance impatiently anticipated by her South American fans.


Lenny Kravitz, Arctic Monkeys and twenty-one pilots – these last surprise headliners of their specific weight – also stand out in announcing a festival that until 2019 gave up rock nostalgia in the 1990s to consolidate the rest of the offer It is well installed as the most important festival in the country.

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