Tuesday , January 26 2021

Fire affects the workshop in Santiago Centro

The loss concerns Avenida Viel's car workshop with Pedro Lagos, Santiago municipality.

Asked about the beginning of the fire, the mayor of the region, Carla Rubilar, informed that:

Around 7:25, the fire alarm triggered that there was a fourth alarm due to the magnitude of the fire, so the Santiago fire brigade asked for help from other municipalities. Thanks to this, it was possible to prevent it from spreading to surrounding houses. As the commander explained, it started in a car company and then expanded to a shoe factory.

There is a large amount of chemical products at the scene of the accident, which makes the work of firefighters difficult due to the large amount of smoke that caused the materials in the enclosure.

Regarding the toxicity of this smoke, the mayor said the following:

"Smoke is essentially toxic, but the smoke from the automotive industry, of course, is complex, so we ask people not to expose to avoid nausea, irritation or some complication." I also add:

"Prevention is always better than cure, so we urge people to turn to care centers if they have problems."

At least 19 units of the Santiago Fire Department are working in the sector and expect the situation to be controlled for at least 3 or 4 hours.

As far as the start of the fire is concerned, they have to wait for the expert reports to finish as they would.

So far there have been no reports of people suffering from flames.

Firefighters from Chile posted photos on social networks, giving the size of the fire.

Consumers also made the fact known through publications.

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