Sunday , June 13 2021

Five persons were fired from the CDF: "We saw the issue of the village, we will see you later and thank you very much"

With "internal restructuring" five important factions of the Football Channel were rejected.

These are the commentator Juan Carlos "Casso" Vilalta, journalists Pablo Flam, journalists Andres Aguilera and Gerardo Erera, as well as producer Edgardo Diaz.

From the channel, they explained the situation through a press release, stating that "a hard work has been done in rearranging these areas of production and programming, which means involving new and recognized individuals in the alert, but also the emergence of some."

From CDF, they argue that "these movements are characteristic of integration, which aims to continue with the growth of CDF and design it for its next challenges," according to Radio Agrocultura.

One of the people, Gerardo Erera, commented that the meeting he was officially leaving lasted only 10 minutes.

In a conversation with Las Últimas Noticias, Herrera commented that "I did not break. I thanked them for the 16 years in the channel, which I even put in their place. I did not break. There were strong hugs, we saw the question of the village, I'll see you later and thank you very much.

In his future work, he said he has not yet determined anything: "I still have to rethink. Problems come and go, "he said.

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