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Five reasons why Justin Bieber fans "cancel" this on a global scale

1. How it relates to Selena Gomez.

Though Twitter was supposed to be untrue. It was a combination of real factsand little of the imagination of who did it to make it more fun.

However, many recall situations that have happened. This is undisputable several times cheat singer Selena Gomez with several models and close friends.

Selena Gomez

2. And in general about the women with whom he left.

It is also a fact that many women who have come out complain about the way they deal with them. He uses them with objects, and they did not hesitate to tell him on social networks or during interviews.

Justin Bieber

3. The irritation he did to Taylor Swift.

Justin Bieber came to defend music producer Scooter Brownafter the denunciation of Taylor Swift, who expressed her annoyance to become the owner of her music after making him bully.

The singer is very close to the manager and Kani West, and the three met in 2016 slander Taylor and verbally attacked her in a message titled "What's wrong, Taylor?"

Although he later demanded an apology, his followers did not hesitate to attack him. Even Kara Delevinne gave a controversial statement.

Taylor Swift

4.- For the message to Chris Brown.

He was widely criticized for defending Chris Brown and his actions by defeating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Biber describes the violent event as "a mistake." For them, their comments were filled with the following legend.

"Domestic violence is not a mistake."

5. Very problematic artist.

It remains very controversial; there was bullying through social networks with Canadian Sean Mendes (he says) continues to send messages to his former partner, and so on.

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