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Five Wins and Six Losses: The Story of Unión Española and Colo Colo in the Last 10 Years in Santa Laura | Dale Albo

Colo Colo will face the Spanish Union this Sunday, February 17th in Santa Laura Stadium – SEK University, in the debut of the National Championship.

A Spanish box that was strengthened, thinking not only about the local tournament, but also about his international participation in Copa Sudamerica when he faced Musuque Roena in March.

And in the duel, which will start the participation of both teams in the local tournament, Mario Cassic Salas will have a difficult task in the Independence Campus, given this Over the past 10 years Cacique has recorded six defeats from national tournaments.

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This is the visit of Colo Colo to Santa Laura for the area:

19 / May / 2018: Spanish Union 3-2 Collo Colo. Cacique won 2-0 with an annotation of Octavio Rivero and Esteban Paredes (203 in the first division at this time). But in the second half, Tobías Figueroa with two and Israel Poblete condemned the match.

This was the live show from DaleAlbo from this meeting.

4 / February / 2017: Spanish Union 0-3 Colo Colo. As of now, the first date of the tournament at that time was a debut against the Spaniards. On this occasion Cacique won with goals from Ramon Fernandez, Andres Villech and Esteban Paredes.

25 / July / 2015: Spanish Union 1-2 Collo ColoIn the debut of Jose Luis Sierra at the Kolio Kollo bench it all started up for the People, when Milovan Mirosevic scored early for the Latin Americans. That would be Martin Rodriguez's double enough to reverse the score.

4 / February / 2015: Spanish Union 1-3 Colo Colo. Juan Delgado, Claudio Baezza and Esteban Pavez have won the triumph of the Clausura tournament. For those of Independence, Milovan Mirosevic scored a penalty.

9 / February 2014: Spanish Union 1-4 Collo Colo. To confirm the end of the final tournament, Jaime Valdes in duplicate, Esteban Paredes and Mauro Olivi condemned the meeting that was played in the middle of the summer. About Union Discount Gustavo Canales.

May 26, 2013: Spanish League 1-0 Collo Colo. A meeting that meant the title of the Spanish Union with so many of Patricio Rubio.

28 / November / 2012: Spanish League 3-1 Collo Colo. Without doing his best performance, Cacique fell to the red for the semi-final of the closing. The only goal was José Pedro Fuenzaidalda. When returning, Colo Colo will also fall and the reds are the finalists.

7 / April / 2012: Spanish League 4-2 Colo Colo. Mauro Diaz and Esteban Paredes entered the bitter afternoon in Independence.

6 / March / 2011: Spanish Union 1-2 Kolo Kolo. Rodrigo Milar and Cristobal Jorkera retreat to Cacique in the triumph achieved by nearly 10,000 people in Independence.

7 / February / 2010: Spanish Union 1-0 Colo Colo. Martin Ligera unleashed the Latin American celebration in Santa Laura in the first tournament, which would change sharply weeks later due to the 27th earthquake.

21 / March / 2009: Spanish Union 5-2 Collo ColoBy the ninth day of the Chilean Football Opening tournament, the Latin Americans had blundered Kolo Kolo, which failed in all its lines, especially in defense. The goals went to Macnelly Torres and Lucas Barrios for those led by Marcello Barticho.

What will happen this Sunday in Santa Laura?

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