Sunday , June 13 2021

Florida mayor is the victim of a violent assault in Las Condes: he is fighting three men national

Mayor of La Florida, Rodolfo Carter, had been the victim of a violent assault in the early hours of this Saturday when he retired from the Las Condes community after attending a meal.

In detail, the robbery happened at about 3 o'clock in the morning on Isidora Goyenechea Street, in front of 3600, where it was captured by three facets with a naked face.

Carter told La Radio that at the end of his engagement he went to his car parked to return to Florida. there was threatened by three men They were mobilized in Mini Cooper and Motorcycle, which carried guns and blade weapons.

"They tried to remove my car and I fought themThey robbed my cell phone, but they could not take the car (…), the keys were in my pocket (…), "he explained.

He also admitted that he had put up absolute resistance and was facing the attackers without measuring that he could have serious consequences. "I made the wrong thing, but the truth is I'm flat, I'm not ready to let the criminals paint our faces …""he explained.

When they flee and come out of the struggle between all, the attackers left the motorcycle in place.

Transfer RBB Santiago
Transfer RBB Santiago

At the direction of the Prosecutor on duty, this case is in the hands of Carabineros. Details will be explored to locate the authors of the robbery. ·

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