Thursday , June 24 2021

Florida mayor Rodolfo Carter opposed the resistance to the violent assault in Las Condes – national

Florida mayor Rodolfo Carter opposes resistance against violent assault in Las Condes

The mayor was captured by three premiers with firearms and whites. Finally, the criminals fled the victim's mobile phone. TVN


Early in the morning of this Saturday, Mayor Florida, Rodolfo Carter, he resisted the violent assault he had suffered in the municipality Las Condes,

As he could have known 24 hours, the mayor returned from eating in the sector of Isidora Goeinecheawhen he was captured by three naked sweaters in a car and a motorcycle before he got on his car.


Then Carter resisted and struggled with the men who frightened him with white and firearms.

In the face of their defense, criminals have finally escaped to an unknown destination just steal the mayor's cell phonewho have not suffered.


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