on August 5, 2012, NASA's Rover Curiosity touched the Martian soil and became the last vehicle to place on the red planet the US space agency. But only so far it is expected this Monday, November 26, at 20:00 UTC (21:00 at midnight of Spain) on the ship InSight, released last May, completed the first stage of your trip and land on Mars,

The landing will be live on NASA's TV, to the comments of some mission experts who will begin approximately an hour earlier,

InSight Landing Space Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech.

Scenario chosen conscientiously

On May 5 the mission InSight has been successful since Air Force Base "Vandenberg" to Mars, in order to study for the first time deep interior, The trip lasted for more than half a year, but tonight will end with landing is scheduled for 20:00 UTC,

Logically, the landing will not happen at random, but will take place in a certain area of ​​Mars surface, chosen by NASA among more than twenty possible scenariosThe exact point is Elysium Planning, a plateau located near the equator of the planet and, according to mission chief investigator Bruce Banner, "if it was ice cream, it would have been vanilla." This means that this is not the most striking of places that have been mixed up and the one that best suits The main needs of InSight, It is a matter of principle robot with three legs, it's not Robert, so you need it stable landing place and remain stationary during your stay there. Besides, his goal is to study the depths of Mars, so it is a necessary place easy to penetrate and that it is not neither too windy nor too rockyIn addition, it is necessary to find enough space bright and warm to eat solar cells and keep their electronic components within the exact temperature ranges everywhere one Martian year, consisting of 26 Earth months. Elizum Plania It is not as puzzling as the chocolate ice cream or cake, but it fully meets all these requirements.

World event

Worldwide, 80 events are scheduled to be broadcast live

The event can be seen live on a NASA TV channel, where there will be expert comments from an hour earlier. Anyone who wants to live this historic moment can make them from home. However, you can also go to some of them watching events that will take place around the world. At the moment there is 80 of these planned activities, most of which in USAIn Europe they will only be done 4 in France– one on the island of Reunion, next to Madagascar – and 2 in GermanyIn Spain and Latin America we will have to spend too many miles to attend any of these events but there is no problem as NASA has also provided on its website a list of the websites to which the landing will be forwarded except for its own television channel.

No excuse for not being witnesses the first seconds of InSight on the red planet and hold your breath with thousands of people all over the world until you finally touch the Martian soil. Opportunities are many, you just have to choose one.

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