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Ford invested $ 500 million in Rivian, electric in the eyes

Rivian-R 1 S-estatics© Photo Autobild
Rivian-R 1 S-estatics

Rivian is placed at the center of the conversation of L.A. presented two electric products that received SUV (R1S) and pickup (R1T) bodies. The main development is the skateboard modular chassis, which allows the installation of engines in each axle, as the case may be, with an autonomy of up to 660 km.

Though it has adopted other names like Mainstream Motors, it has developed it as the decoration of former US President Barack Obama as the "champion of change." Something that became undeniable now that the US brand began to monopolize investments by companies like Amazon who entered the game with no less than $ 700 million.

Rivian R1T takes frontally© Photo Autobild
Rivian R1T takes frontally

Ford invests in electricity

Developing a vehicle from scratch is very expensive. Now let's not imagine how to change the paradigm and create a new family of electric cars. The necessary investments are very high. That is why we see that automobile groups are starting to make alliances to develop joint projects. In this case, we are talking about what has been agreed between the aforementioned Rivian and Ford.

the skateboard chassis© Photo Autobild
the skateboard chassis

North America will invest $ 500 million to realize the joint development of technologies that allow the emergence of new products from the Riviera skateboard platform. It will be necessary to remember some of the previous joint activities of the Blue Oval Brand with the Mahindra Group. Even keep in mind that talking about the possibility of the first electrician leaving the factory in Cuautitlán. The joint effort with Rivian may not be the first, but it is on the way.

Of the projects that take electric character into consideration, Ford has spoken of a crossover variant inspired by Mustang, as well as the application of the F-150 multi-award prize for zero emissions.

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