Sunday , June 20 2021

Ford will produce the compact pickup from Amarok and Volkswagen Ford

As confirmed by the Brazilian magazine Quatro Rhodes, The union between the two brands would already have decided that Ford will be responsible for the development and production of the second-generation Amarok alongside Ranger. Meanwhile, Volkswagen will take care of pickup a compact of the American company and its own model based on the concept Tarok,

Both brands were already announced in January that the American firm will take care of take it an environment that will arrive in 2022, therefore there are no surprises in this section. But he had not given the news about his compact truck.

Take the Volkswagen Tarok
Volkswagen Tarok

For now, the only thing that was known about it pickup they were the prototypes seen from the streets of the United States. In addition, rumors said his platform would be the same as the focus.

However, Quatro Rhodes He denied these versions, showing that the truck would be based on the Volkswagen MQB-A platform, the same used in a variety of products in the group as Golf and which will be shared with the future Tarok. Both models will compete with Fiat bull and Renault Oroch,

Take the Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger

This means that Ford has put aside its plans for Ford pickup"Volkswagen, for its part, has also abandoned the development of Amarok, based on the Atlas SUV, which was targeted at the average US truck market.

Volkswagen Tarok, the German company's next compact, was presented last year at the Sao Paulo show as a conceptual one and is expected to reach the market in 2020. in 2023

Take Volkswagen Amarok
Volkswagen Amarok

These models will be the first of the alliance between the two manufacturers, which includes the production of commercial vehicles and, eventually, electric cars.

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