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Former Assistant Mayor: "Someone had to leave the government, I repeated the part I had for Karabineros" Informer

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After eight months and nine days after she had taken over as a deputy of Araucania, Luis Mayoll resigned after the operation that had lived in the area I ended with the life of Camilo Castrilanca.

Current a former mayor went to El Informante to talk to Mathias del Rio about the details of his resignation and what he lived in the questioned "Jungle Command".

For starters, Majol made it clear his first press dubbed "exactly what the police said" and added that he never said that Katarlanka had a criminal record. "This was how the first worries began to be clarified.

Former Mayor: "I was copying exactly what the police were doing"

Luis Mayol at El Informante refers to the first words he said at a press conference on the Catrillanca case.

"There was an arrest for a vehicle that Mr Katrathonka would have done with another young man who appeared to accompany him on the tractor, and another four, they were in a vehicle ordered for theft and a fraudulent patent, " added to the contextualization of what happened on that day.

"We responded to the fact that at that time it was a common crime, three hours later. What had happened? One thing today they are not talking about it: they have attacked some teachers at schoolThe cars were stolen quite forcefully. They had been notified, and Carabinero immediately began her pursuit then ended in the other incident ", he added.

He then confirmed that the snipers were waiting for Carabineros.

"There were many people involved in this: When Carabinero's cars arrivedWhere the pillars were, these cars were completely destroyed by the action of the shots. This meant that there were many people; on the side there were snipers "

Mathias del Rio asked him about the former mayor's statement about the participation of Camilo Katarlanca in the confrontation that accused Carabinero, to which he replied: "I have never had my predecessors that Camilo Katrilanca was fired, but he was at the scene of the confrontation."

What no one left indifferent was Mayo's statements three hours after the events, which undoubtedly suggests that Katrina would be part of the theft of the teacher's vehicle. The former mayor was justified by his words and apologized:

"At a moment of confusion, nervousness around the world has an explanation that may have been a mistake. I apologize for the case, but it has to be put in the context of the situation "

Luis Mayol: "It was a very confusing moment, I guess it's a mistake"

Former Mayor of La Araujania admits he is wrong when he arrives and speaks at the press conference without questioning the police report he receives.

Operation Hurray

Matia del Rio has asked the former mayor to pronounce Hwangkoumilla's words, to which Mayoil took advantage of the opportunity to invoke Operation Hurray.

"The hurricane operation over time was discovered to be an installation that happened in the previous government, I would like to hear Senator Huenchumila, who at that time also asked the mayor or the minister's head, but that did not happen," he said.

In the comparison between Operation Hurray and what happened on November 15, Matthias states that the big difference is that there is no death in the former, to which the former mayor pointed out:Should there be a dead man to ask for a mayor's head when there is an irregularity in Carabineros?"He added," This government has asked the head of all senior missions, Carabinero, to start with the Chief Executive Officer he just accepted. "

Mayol also refers to the trust the Karabineroys Institution has today and pointed out that as a mayor he can not permanently question what is being communicated to them because it is impossible to settle and explains that " any time, Karabineros information that there are attacks or some kind of fire, etc. If every time I got this information, I asked Carabinero, it would be impossible.

Former Mayor of La Araujania: "I received an attack or a fire every night"

Luis Majol referred to the ongoing questioning in the Carabenrous and said he had difficulty doubting them at any time as he constantly received information about an attack or a fire.

His first declarations and participation in La Araujania

Mathias del Rio challenges the former mayor's actions when he goes out and reads without questioning the part Carabinero has given him, which Mayol justifies by saying that "Someone had to leave the government, so I left and repeated the text I had for Karabineros. Exactly the same.

Luis Mayol: "Someone had to leave the government and repeat the Carabinero text"

When questioning the former mayor's actions when he left and read without questioning the role Karabiner had given him, Mayo defended himself.

He added that he acted as he would in every situation "with every citizen of all backgrounds who was in committing a common crime that led to death."

Luis Majol stressed that this was such a strong confrontation "If the carabiniers who entered the trucks would not wear those shields they used, maybe we would complain about the deaths of two carabiners" and added that "Carabiner cars were left with military bullets."

And he acknowledged his mistake: "I I did not want Karabineros if they had evidence from what happened. I got only part of Carabinero.

Former Mayor of La Araucania: "At that time I did not ask if there were any images"

Mattia del Rio asked Luis Mayol if he had asked for the pictures with evidence of what had happened on the day of the death of Katarlanca.

Carabinero's cameras and the removal of evidence

The former mayor told the informant how he lived that moment when he told him they had no evidence or evidence: "I expressed annoyance when they told me they had no cameras"

He added that he learned that the tests were eliminated when Minister Andres Chadwick gave the press conference: "Later I realized, like everyone else, that there really was Carabinero, who had a camera and that he had destroyed the chip",

Mayol and his resignation

Six days after Camilo Castrilanca's death, arbitrator Louis Lewis, who remained at the time, resigned. Believe it isThe President always gave his support and Minister Chadwick also.

Luis Mayol: "I have always felt the full support of President Pinera"

The former mayor pointed to his resignation and admitted that he had always backed Chadwick and Pinera.

He also admits: "I I had support from audio and writing 26 of the 32 mayors of the region, when this issue resigned because we worked very well. "

"I resigned because the opposition saw the possibility of allying itself" The former mayor said, "So if there was a right in the head, I meant to participate in a discussion that would last for one and a half months, and I was ready to do it, but I would put the government under discussion, what I said or what I did not say.

Are you still in politics?

Mattia del Rio asked Mayo for his future now, when he gave up the intention that he confessed: "So far, I'm going back to the private sector. I have my activities that I will have to resume. "

In regard to continue in politics assured that "you should never say no" and he does not see himself as a candidate for a senator or a deputy.

He also took the opportunity to criticize the governor's new position: "This governor will generate much expectation and then he will not have power."

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