Saturday , January 23 2021

Fran Garcia Huiperopo stood up against Temucano's wife

In this new chapter in the foreground the journalist Alejandra Matus He took part in the study to talk about the report he wrote about the charges of rape against him Tito Fernandez (See the note here). In this context, a phone call was made with Lou Revere, the wife of Temucano, who protects her husband at any time.

That's why the woman's attitude during the interview, Francisco Garcia Hi Do not hesitate to face this. The cheerleader was stuck and forced Rivera to question his words, especially because the woman has ironically responded to questions about her behavior Fernandez,

During the tense telephone contact, Julio Cesar Rodriguez and Fran Garcia Huidobro they tried that Lou Revere He explained some situations about his curious marriage, but the woman avoided the questions and asked the animators.

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