Sunday , July 25 2021

France fines Google with 50 million euros for the use of personal data

The French data protection officer announced on Monday that he had filed a fine of € 50 million with Google for failing to clearly inform his users about the use of his personal data.

The National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms (CNIL) is the first European regulatory body to establish a global Internet platform based on the new European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), which entered into force on 25 May.

This new European regulation provides for sanctions of up to 4% of the total annual world turnover due to non-compliance with the obligation to protect the personal data of European citizens.

"We do not deny Google telling its users about the use of their personal data," said Matthias Moulin, CNIL's Director of Rights Protection and Sanctions.

"But the information is not readily available and distributed in various documents," he added.


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