Thursday , May 13 2021

Francisco Huenchimila: "There is no Mayor to resolve the problem with La Araucania" national

During her participation in National state by TVN, former president of La Aruquina and DC senator, Francisco Huenchichila, He referred to the complex scenario that exists in the region, arguing that it is difficult for each body to solve the crisis alone.

"There is no mayor to solve the problem of La Araucania because the mayor has no political capacity to solve and solve these problems, The mayor is a servant who acts according to the dictates given by the head of state and the Central Political Committee when it does not, they throw it away. As it happened to me, "he said.

Despite this pessimistic outlook, Huenchamila wished Jorge Athan, the new supreme organ of the region, good governance.

"It is difficult to get there and take the responsibility that you have. So I do not want to say anything"I just hope that Jörth Atten is doing very well and that there is peace and wisdom to take his place in La Araucania," he said.

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