Saturday , July 31 2021

Francisco Valensuella received a dishonest criticism in Vinya and Pancho Saavedra defended her

Yesterday's singer Francis Valenzuela was part of the worship of Lucio Gatic, during the 60th edition of the Vina del Mar festival.

While the artist who was accompanied by great national musicians on the stage successfully moved, a Twitter user made a comment that had nothing to do with his performance or artistic level.

The subject identified in the network as "Christian Alejandro" highlights the physical aspect of the singer, especially the hair of her hands.


Who came to his defense was the Locomotive spokesperson, Francisco Saavedra, who in the same way spoke against the Twitter user's comment.

"Every day someone on Twitter overcomes idiom while people believe they have the right to attack by giving opinions that are so intimate, enough harassment, enough harassment, enough violence in that network," he writes, linking the little relevant comment the user.

In another tweet, the animator invited to denounce the fact to close the bill. "I invite you to sue for cyberbullying, it's serious enough to close the bill," he said.

The impressive thing was that the consumer, far from excuse for his meaningless message, laughed at the situation.

"12 hours and still commenting on this letter? I present the speed at which they reacted and I was sleeping calmly, I kept saying that" moach "they made me happy on Monday," he replied.

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