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Fyre: How to Create a Millennium Trap

In January, the documentary film Fyre, the most exclusive party that has never happened, was presented to Netflix. The film tells about the planning and development of the Fyre Festival, a music festival on an island in the Bahamas that promised luxury and fun. Thanks to the aggressive social networking campaign, the festival sold its tickets for hours. However, production has failed to deliver even 1% of the promise. The documentary explains how Billy McFarland, the event's head, was taking advantage of various elements of millennial culture to defraud both those present and the team that worked with him.

Live apps and their endeavors

Certainly freelance work and technological endeavors are much more common today than in my parents. Almost normalized cell dependency has allowed apps to earn enough to allow their developers to make money in their work, where they "set their own schedule."

Billy McFarland, the man behind the idea of ​​the Fyre Festival, began his career with another company called Magnises (also associated with the idea of ​​exceptional events and luxury). McFarland has had contact with the world of startups, investors who believe in his speech and young people willing to work with him. Let's not forget that the original idea was that the Fyre festival was an event to launch the Fyre application. This app is looking for an ordinary person (but with a high purchasing power) can hire important artists for private events (because we all know how horrible it is to find a music number for our birthday).

I'm not a boss, I'm a leader

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Currently, the image of the ambitious, operating an 80-year-old boss who is badly treating his employees is criticized. These people continue to exist (some are involved in disputes over private beaches) so the millennial spirit is strongly associated with the idea of ​​leadership over the boss's supreme power. There are hundreds of clichés to illustrate the differences: the boss inspires fear, the leader of the leader. The boss says "I," says the leader "we". The boss is looking for the responsibility, the leader is looking for solutions. If you are watching the documentary, you may hear the last phrase.

On several occasions, people in charge of different areas of the Fyre festival (whose responsibilities can not be very clear) mention that they have made Billy McFarland see the possible crisis. McFarland replied with the classical "look for solutions." The man is described as charismatic and it is clear that he used the phrases and attitudes of the leader who made his team feel devoted to him.

As the documentary progresses, I believe that none of the team has left the project because their salaries have been deducted (they would be paid only after the festival was over). Or maybe nobody wants to defect after so much time and effort. Optimism blinds everyone.

Music festivals are no longer connected with music

Goodbye to Woodstock's mystical memory where Jimmy Hendrix or Janice Joplin is talking about. It is true that the festival must continue to have a good list of artists, but for some time it has ceased to be the most important thing, enough to see how Lollapalooza's green tickets are sold in hours. Festivals have ceased to be products and experience. Manufacturers must ensure that the entire experience is satisfactory (it is worth publishing in Instagram) and that it has a certain degree of exclusivity (if anyone can have it, it is absurd to "take it out" from social networks).

The life you want to show in Instagram

I have to admit that I love social networks and I am aware that I spend a lot of time in Instagram. However, they know I do not hate social networks.
I think we all know someone who always has fun at Instagram. He always travels, eats delicious, exercises (and has fun while doing it) or something else. It is a man who is so happy to cast doubt on whether his happiness is a reality or a envy to have such a dangerous life. I do not know when Instagram has become an extremely successful social network where you are increasingly thinking about the post, the filter, the hashta and everything that allows you to generate likes.

The promotional venue of the Fyre Festival is 70% of the famous bikini models enjoying the beach. Let's join the strategy of hundreds of celebrities and influential people, while at the same time publishing the "mysterious" image of the Fyre Festival. What is the result? Thousands of people wishing to attend the most exclusive event in history (without knowing the line of artists). The festival promised to be a factory for everyone who attended.

No one asked how this festival was created. In fact, one of the first people who smell the scam creates a Twitter account to report this fact. No one caught him. When there are 10,000 bills that talk about how good an event is, nobody hunts the bitter loner. But be careful, Bella Hadid is in place, Kendall Jenner published the image … "They know about events, go to the Kahla and these things … obviously this event will be hot." We can not blame innocents who have trusted the event, especially when producers hang on the fame and trust of hundreds of famous and influential people from around the world.

While the documentary tells us the whole Fyre Failure process, he stops on the issue of social networks and how one constantly tries to look happy in them, even if life is unhappy (and how they saw a business opportunity in this weakness). man). Only one of the producers made me a cult on this issue and admits that while he was very poor in production, he has published beautiful images in the Bahamas. His life at Instagram looked perfect.

There are always two versions

Why does the documentary not deal with social networking issues? This is not a random decision. One of the companies producing the documentary is Jerry Media, who was responsible for the social networks of the Fyre Festival. The good side is that the Hulu platform also has a documentary about the festival called Fyre FraudThis is the last one that even shows McFarland's testimony. So, if the first world millennium fraud at the Fyre festival steals your heart, you can continue to assemble your puzzle for what has happened.

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