Monday , June 21 2021

Game Boy turned 30 and his ads returned to nostalgia

The Nintendo Laptop has changed the page and we are back in the past to find the device that revolutionizes the world of consoles as we know it.

April 21 was not only of particular importance to the believing world but also to that universe: the thirties of the Nintendo Game Boy, launched in April 1989, are celebrated.

It is impossible to be a gamer and not to recognize the influence of Nintendo's laptop in the world. Until then, the idea of ​​having a console that you can take anywhere was unheard of, and most were happy with the growing NES or the Atari and Commodore wreckage inside the house and related to electricity.

However, Game Boy changes everything: small and interchangeable cartridges in a small portable form factor perfect for wearing, and with a library that becomes an icon over time. Of course, he had his drawbacks: the original Game Boy needed a lot of batteries and the screen was impossible to use in the dark, but none of this prevented him from becoming a world phenomenon.

Anyway, before the success of the arrival of classics like Pokémon or Link & Awakening came Tetris. The incomparable title of the puzzle was part of the console launch catalog, as seen in this 1989 propaganda.

Nintendo produces a series of promotional messages featuring Game Boy as "the next generation of video games": while NES dominates at home, Game Boy can be that console you wear anywhere.

Many of the console's selling points were revolutionary at that time, though there was no such thing as a scam: Game Boy was much more powerful than NES, but the limitations in low-consumption screens did not allow it to have colorful flowers. until the arrival of Game Boy Color, almost 10 years later.

Another milestone in console marketing was its cross-focus: not only children can play, and adults. These data are key: until then, it was very difficult to understand videogames as a market for adults and children, and Game Boy came exactly on both sides of the chart, with sports "simulators" that were appealing to the more mature audience.

Anyway, Nintendo knew the target was kids and teenagers: with a very chaotic and fun ad, Game Boy announced "your power to wear."

Finally, there is this Japanese ad, which is quite strange: Australian children play with a console with music that has little to do with everything else. This is the first approach of the public to the laptop and the rumors based on these images, torture the specialized magazines of that time.

Outside these ads – which are a major blow to nostalgia – we remain with their incredible success: 118 million units sold worldwide over a decade.

Happy change of foil, Game Boy!

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