Saturday , December 5 2020

Garra Blanca threatened to cause a duel between Palestine and River Plate

Colo Colo Bar Group threatened provoked the suspension of the match between Palestinian and River Plate in the Monumental Stadium due to the fact that fans of the Argentine box will use the Arika area, Garra Blanca, at the Monumental Stadium.

In a statement at Facebook, Blanca Station said: "We will not assume that each bar enters our sector."

"We demand that the sector of the fans of the fishing plate in the Magellan sector, where the visit is traditionally located. Recall that the place is Palestinian", noting that they will take action if this request is not met.

"If the move is not effective, we will take measures that may cause the match to stop. We have the methods and the necessary force to achieve it", close the threat."

The match between Palestinian and River for the fifth date of Group A will be played at 18:15 this Wednesday and you can follow it with and Al Aire Libre in Cooperativa.

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