Monday , July 26 2021

Girls will be vaccinated against human papillomavirus virus

Few more than 35,000 10-year-old girls will be vaccinated in Costa Rica against human papillomavirus (HPV), the main cause of cervical cancer, the third cause of the deaths of women in Costa Rica on Thursday.

At a press conference, CCAC's chief executive, Roman Macaiah, said Tuesday that doses for immunization against the major HPV strains that cause cervical cancer are already in the country. 15,000 girls from all over the country who are 10 years old.

He pointed out that vaccines are already undergoing dehumidification and must undergo quality control to be distributed to healthcare facilities across the country and to be implemented in schools at the end of May.

Macaca explained that the immunization plan envisages applying two doses per child with a six-month difference between one birth and another, applying the first vaccine in schools.

"This action will begin to affect the cervical cancer mortality and will in the future reduce the incidence. As parents, we need to know that cervical cancer can be avoided in a large percentage of cases and this vaccine is a protective tool, "said CCSS Executive President.

As an example, Makaiah revealed that he had vaccinated two of his daughters during his US ambassador's stay and announced that his other two daughters would be vaccinated in Costa Rica.

He commented that 270 million doses have been administered in the world in different countries, which is strictly monitored for quality, safety and efficacy.

"We can say that this is an effective and safe vaccine and that's good news for women in Costa Rica," he said.

He says that from this calendar every year we will continue to vaccinate girls aged 10 years, as this will be part of the main vaccination schedule.

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