Monday , January 18 2021

Government proposes reorganization of 2.9% for Sebastian Pinera's salary and top authorities in the country

The government has decided to distinguish the reorganization of the highest rents corresponding to the state authorities by providing only the annual inflation that will be, 2.9%. This in turn represents 0.6 percentage points of what is available for other public sector employees (3.5%).

Here is how the bill was presented a few minutes before the Chamber of Deputies showed the text: "the initiative establishes a 2.9 percent recalculation of the President of the Republic, the Ministers, the Deputy Secretaries, the President of the Supreme Court, the Ministers of the Court, the Prosecutor of the Court and the General Inspector ". He also states that at the same rate, wages, benefits, benefits, among others, will be adjusted.

Similarly, the income of parliamentarians, deputies and senators, Ministers of the Constitutional Court, the President of the Transparency Council, the National Prosecutor will be adjusted along with other high-level grades whose income has to be aligned with that of ministers and subordinates.

The project, which was qualified with an immediate discussion, will start working in the morning on the finance commission to be voted by the Chamber in the afternoon after an interview with Interior Minister Andres Chadwick.

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