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Guess the panoramas of the 26th edition of Santiago and Mill 2019 – It serves you Tvn


With the slogan "Rebelde" edition 26th International Festival in Santiago and Mill He presented his programming. The artistic festival will be held 3 – 20 January 2019 , with different shows in theaters, city interventions, live music and dancing.

The festival will flood the streets with art and culture in more than 20 municipalities in Santiago and 15 cities in the country, More than 60 shows with the aim of breaking the borders, uniting the community and opening the necessary conversations.

Below, check out some works and views you may be interested in:

From Pergola to Black:


A musical journey will be presented at the Municipal Theater in Santiago, which will combine two classical works of 20th Century Chilean Music Theater, "Flower Pearl" and The "black ester"The show will be distinguished by its great figure Valentin Trujillo, on January 3 at 20:30.

Bodies in urban spaces (bodies in urban spaces)


from Austria, this urban intervention is tour on the go and choreography of a group of dancers dressed in bright colors. The global phenomenon created 10 years ago will have the task of making the public movement and following the way of the dancers.

The dancer


a 5 meters dancer will pass through the streets of Plaza de Arma from Antofagasta on January 6 at 21:00. Spanish show of "Antigua and Barbuda" This is a celebration of women's empowerment and a party to begin this new "women's age".

Wukong, the great monkey king's journey

the footprint of teatro.jpg

The company for antfagastine The Footprint Theater celebrates 15 years of experience and will present at the GAM Center and the Municipal Theater Antofagasta a dynamic performance that combines physical dexterity, traditional Chinese rituals and live musicThe story tells about the journey made by Kung and Wuokong, two friends in search of freedom.

Swan Lake


The Las Condes Municipal Theater has performed three performances of the rupture version of The "Swan Lake", created by a South African choreographer Considering Massilla, History rediscovers one of the most popular ballets of all time, exchanging the roles of the main characters. A fresh and unprotected version of this classic.

Romeo and Juliet


The Mokwha Repertory Company returns to Chile to show its initial adaptation "Romeo and Juliet", which interprets the story and puts it in Korea. It will be presented the work that will be presented at the Municipal Theater "Las Condes" Korean dances and rituals, touch humor, martial arts and live music.

take care of yourselves


Under a union between Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) and Teatro and Mill Foundation from January 3 to 30 will be an artistic installation. The complicated work is to 107 interpretations of women with multiple origins, professions and professions, each element will be accompanied by a photographic portrait of the participants Sophie Calle,



IN Memory Theater will be submitted to "Franco", the recovery of a passionate crime led by the director Alexandra von HumelaThrough visual and solid work, fiction is shown through the story of character and its different versions.

The new colossus


On Jan. 15 at 8 pm in the Municipal Theater in Las Condes, a work will be presented between them 1864 and the present, where twelve refugees who speak twelve different languages They tell the stories of their immigrant ancestors, travelers of different origins, but who gather for the same dream.



a Concert for Motion and Cinematography, which combines visual arts, sound and dances. Developer of the company Blender, choreographer Rodrigo Chaveurini, audiovisual artist Paulo Fernandez and composer Emiliana Abril.

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