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Guide Resident Evil 2 – Metro and return to the police station – Claire Route A

Resident Evil 2 Remake Guide Full PC PS4 Xbox One Metro Claire Route To.  T
Resident Evil 2: Full Guide – Metro and return to the police station – Claire Route A

After escaping police Office police, Clare Redfield arrives in the subway Raccoon City, We help you complete this part of the game in this section of ours full manual from Resident Evil 2 I do it again for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, We play Route A from ClaireWe will have to solve the problem puzzle on the electronic panel,


Resident Evil 2 Remake Guide Full PC PS4 Xbox One Metro Claire Route To.  T
We start in the secret subway room

We arrived secret roomWe need to get off the side elevator. We'll be in underground stairs the average level. We go down one level and move down the corridor to the end. We will arrive at engine compartmentHere we have to try to move the cashier and this will activate a scene after which we will have to face it G Phase 1,

Final Boss: G Phase 1

Complete Guide PC PS4 Xbox One Underground G Phase 1 Claire Route To.  T
We are facing phase 1

We've come across this before G Phase 1, The method of killing him is the same: walk around without going into the alleys so you do not get caught in the corner, From time to time, we turn and shoot him to the head to make him unfold his weak spot: the eye of his handThere is not too much mystery.

Once we beat Phase 1, there will be a scene where there will be stairs that we can climb. We are progressing until we get to a room where we need it press the lever to properly position the podiumThis is done, we continue to progress to the operator's room, Here we will find a Fanny Pack inside the cashier. When we are ready, we climb up the stairs and after the short scene we get to garage Police B1.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Full Guide PC PS4 Xbox A Commando Claire Path to.  T
We arrived at the police garage

Police Office

We are in garage from the basement of the police station. As we approach the card reader to the metal blind, there will be a scene. When you're done, we're going to shooting roomwhere we take metal box, and we look at it to get it car keyWe are coming back garage, we're exploring the key to open the trunk of a police car close, and from there we'll get the gun JMB Hp3, We did this, we go to hut, Inside there will be two Lakers, but you may be unnoticed by walking slowly. We went out from the other door and walked in morgueFrom one of the deposits we get diamond key, With it we go back to hutWhen you leave the corridor between the kennel and the garage, be careful as there will be another Licker that can surprise you. Once you enter the garage, we go to the garage elevator controlWe will find in the crates shoulder (GM 79)We use the room lever to activate the elevator, get in and use it. We crossed the corridor until we reached the end. We are in office of the boss, in Commission 2F.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Full Guide PC PS4 Xbox A Commando Claire Path to.  T
This room is Claire's exclusive access. Inside there is an electronic component and Mr. Raccoon

We go to Private collection, The end of the room is Relieve loversIf we look at its back, we'll get it cardiac keyWith her, in our power, we go forward interrogation room to the police 1F. We will find boxWe return to a safe room. If we combine the red jewel with the box, we will get the distinctive signs of S.T.A.R.S., With it in our power we go to the office of S.T.A.R.S .. We look at it and at the back of it we press a button to turn it into USB electronic keyWe use it in the computer and open the electronic lock. We'll find inside MQ 11 submill gun, Then we go to warehouse to the eastwhere we collect big gearIn the next room to which we have to enter by the key of the heart we will find Electronic component in a boxWe look at it and get it electronic component,

We did this roof of Commission 2F. From here we go down the stairs Turn lever to L positionWe go back to the roof and use the lever here to fire the helicopter fire. When entering the roof door and moving to the debris of the helicopter, Mr. X will appear.We go back to the roof to have some room for maneuver to avoid it and go back through the door where we found it. Our next goal will be Sheet Shop of Comisaría 2F, where there is a portable safe that we have to open to get another spare key. We did this, we went to deposit, and we open all the lockers. We collect Fanny PackThen we go to the room next to operating room and recording roomand we enter it with the help of the key of the heart. Inside we collect toolwith which we will go on libraryHere we use it on the shelf that is raised to lower it. We have to bridge all of them so we can pass through the third floor to the other side. From here we go to Clocktower,

IN Clocktower we have three mechanisms: two in 3F and one in 4F. We use the large sprocket in the 3F mechanism that is closest to the door. This will unleash the stairs with access to the fourth floor. We're picking up the big gear again. The mechanism that we find in 4F small facilitiesWe pick it up and put the big gear instead. We take the small gear to the only 3F mechanism with which we did not interact and put it there. There will be a scene after which we can gather Electronic component in a box that the bell is thrown to the ground. As before, we look at it and get the second one electronic componentWith both in our power we move towards them Private collection in Commission 2F. We insert them into the electronic panel. The puzzle solution is as follows:

Resident Evil 2 Remake Full Guide PC PS4 Xbox A Commando Claire Path to.  T
Solution for the electronic door puzzle – Claire Route A

If we complete the puzzle of the electronic door in 7 steps, we'll unlock the credit Galvanic virtueOnce we open the lock, we get inside. There will be a scene after which we will finish this part of the game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Full Guide PC PS4 Xbox A Commando Clare Route
We finish the section of the Claire Route A police station

We continue in orphanage,

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