Thursday , January 28 2021

Guillermo Barros leaves Boca Juniors after losing Copa Libertadores to the river plaque. | football

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Gabriel Boys | Agence France-Presse

Boca Juniors Technical Director, Guillermo Barros, completed his cycle with the team then lost 3-1 to River Plate In Spain.

According to Clarín, the decision would be taken some time ago and will be confirmed afterwards defeat in the classic,

Barros won two local titles in a row, but his team could not oppose the champion, who must have finished 10,000 kilometers from Argentina, then what happened in Monumental when a group of river fans attacked with stones and tear gas Boca Bus, Causing injuries to two players and the reason for Conmebol's decision to move the meeting to Madrid,

After defeat, with a reduced ton, El Meliso congratulated the current champion and He admitted that it hurt him that he can not take the cup of Boca fans. However, he takes advantage of the case to greet players.

"I told the players that I felt present in them. There is no reproach, because no one keeps anything at court. It was quite a coincidence. Boca had the first half in which the difference was made with Benedetto's goal and they compared it later. Finals are won and lost. It hurts us to lose it, "the former DT said, according to Clarin.

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