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Gustavo Cerati: Authorized History Soda stereo Argentina | broadcasts

The most intimate documentary about the life of Gustavo Kerati will be passed this Sunday with the testimonies of his family and former Sodo Stereo Charlie Albert and Zeta BossioExcerpts of the production were published yesterday, including the story of the song "Tea for Three," narrated from the hero's point of view, Lillian ClarkThe musician's mother tells how they got the news that the singer's father suffered from limb cancer.

"Gustavo was a very strong blow To get him back I will never forget that because he immediately wrote a song / I saw you cry, I saw you crying for him /", Clark says. – I was practically faint. He had not slept all night and sang the song.

"Bios: a life that is your mark" passes through the neighborhood where Kerat lived, its beginning with the soda stereo, the bar where they began to act as assistants for Los Abuelos de la Nada de virus, to solo career ".

The work also perfected some of Shakira's testimony, with which "Special Day" and "No" are part of Colombian discography. "I remember him always attached to the guitar," he says. – It was different.

The conductive

Selected by the Gustav Klarati family, the chili Javier Mena He interviews the closest background of Soda Stereo's voice and ex-girlfriend.

"I felt very honest," 35-year-old Mena said in a conference call. The singer said she found that Cerati was a "captivating and precise" musician during the recording.

"His way of approaching music, how obsessed he is in the studio, and when I listened to those who worked with him, I knew he was the first one to arrive and the last one to leave," said the singer.

For her visits to Chile, married to Chilean Cecilia Amenbar, mother of her two children, Mena said that Cherry was in the "collective unconscious" as a local artist and influenced his music. "They were like Backstreet Boys in the eighties. It was a star for me, but I could think of it as close, local. I did not meet him, but the beauty of the documentary was that he knew he knew me he had listened to my recording Youth schemes".

Mena is recorded in Buenos Aires, in the house that lived from the age of 10, she talks with her sister Laura and her children Benito and Lisa. The production also agreed with unpublished videos of the family environment, the role of a father, and statements about what happened the day before falling into a coma. The premiere will be this 25 at 8 o'clock.

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