Monday , January 18 2021

"He is not a child, therefore, he can not be pushed by anyone"

Karabinero's director-general refers to exonofordo's statements accused of the death of Camilo Katarlanca, assuring that the lawyer of the institution and former head of Gua de la Araucania instructed them to hide information about the death of Camilo Katarlanca.

Karabineros General Director Hermes Soto responded on this day to the words of former Sergeant Carlos Alarcon revealed by The thirdthat a uniformed police attorney "told us what we have to say" regarding the case of the death of Community member Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca.

Alarcon in his court statement also said that "Christian Initroza, a lawyer, told us what we should say and my biggest (Manuel) Valvidéeso supported him. Also on this occasion, Inostroza lawyer asked if we had cameras. Raul Ávila said he was a camera and before that lawyer Inostroza told us that the version would be that no one was with cameras. "

Eunionford, accused of the death of a Carnegie communer, accused the former head of the grave in the region, Major Manuel Valdidieso, to attract his attention. "He tried to weaken me, he told me to be calm that everything would be over, but when I told him the truth, he asked me, do I want to go to jail? He told me not to be weak and stand firm., he pointed out.

In this respect, Hermes Soto sharply criticized the statements of the former sergeant, which showed that the exonofordo "I had 25 years of service in the institution, he is an adult, he has enough maturity to determine what is right and wrong."

Sato added that if Alarcon "decided to do what he did, he was wrong. He is not a child, so he can not be pushed by anyone. "

"He had to fulfill, as appropriate, what the law permits and obliges", concluded the highest authority of the uniformed police.

In the morning, a director-general's video directed at the institution's staff was revealed in the midst of the crisis faced by the police on the death of the communion, in which he told them that "we can not go on the path of lies, unnecessary use of force and indiscriminate use of weapons ".

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