Thursday , May 13 2021

He Stays For South America: Amelly Ends With Rumors And Renews Contract With Antofagasta

Gerardo Amelli was betting that Deportes Antofagasta worked perfectly. At the beginning of the year, Pumas played it by appointing an unknown Argentine coach and saw the return immediately, achieving qualification for "Copa Sudamerika" and staying in the battle for the title until the penultimate date, where they scored a goal with Unión Española and said good-bye to the chance to be champions.

Given the good campaign he has done in the northern part of the country, DT quickly began playing other equipment and one of the rumors that had arisen was his possible arrival at Kollo Kolo to replace Hector Tapia. However, Amelie does not move from Cougars this Monday renewed contract for all 2019 and will be responsible for directing at Copa Sudamericana.

"We are very comfortable at the club and in the city, even though we are talking about other clubs, we have always considered the concrete opportunity to continue to form part of this project by respecting those who have given us the opportunity to start our journey to Chile"the technician said at the time of signing the new connection with Antofagasta.

"By 2019, the idea is to try to contribute to everything that is in our direction so that the club can continue with the development of the road that has been developing for several years. keep up the fight at the highest places in the local championship table and compete in the South American Cup sticking to it, "he added.

Deportes Antofagasta will finish his grand 2018 against Deportes Iquique in Calvo and Bascuñán, next Sunday at 12:00.

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