Wednesday , January 27 2021

Hector Llait is cautious about the decision to withdraw the command of the jungle: "They will only increase the territorial dispute with the Manu's resistance and the conflict will escalate"

Co-speaker Aurako Maleco's spokesman is cautious about the decision announced by President Sebastian Pinera to remove the troops trained in Colombia from the red zone. For Laillet, this measure "was seen coming from recent events in connection with the murder of Camilo Castrilla, with high-ranking police officers being involved." He also believes the government has adopted this resolution to make people focus their anger on the issue uniformed institution.

Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM) spokesman Hector Llait once again draws attention to the government's decision to withdraw the arraigned jungle command of La Araucania after the murder of Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca.

For Leilit, he saw it coming because of the recent events in connection with the murder of Camilo Catarilla. Surely the high-level carabiners are involved, so it has a direct impact on what the jungle command should do, "he told Radio Bío Bío.

"The withdrawal of the Jungle Command is a symptom of the failure of the right-wing government to cope with the historic conflict in the Papuche people, especially when it was announced that the Special Forces of Carabinero would be stepped up in the conflict zones," he said. ,

As for the new special forces that will be in the area, Llait is cautious: "With such a measure, for the benefit of the foresters, they will only increase the territorial dispute with the Meccan Resistance and the conflict will intensify."

Llaitul indirectly points out that this government decision is for people to blame Carabineros: "We understand that the responsibility for repression or criminalization can not be approved only for Karabineros."

The leader of Mauch explained that there is a "political, legal, institutional order" that has led to this kind of measures, which he called "guarantee policies."

"It is clear that there is a huge amount and a lot of resources to reinforce these safeguards that determine the courts … finally, there are the courts that are exercising a kind of repression," he said.

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