Sunday , June 20 2021

Henrikis and the debut of the Cup: "We are well prepared"

In a dialogue with the official site of Universidad de Chile, the striker spoke about the passage on Tuesday, February 5, before Melgar in Arequipa.

Anhelo Henriches presented the debut of Universidad de Chile in Coppa Libertadores against Melgar in Arequipa. In a dialogue with the club's official website, the striker stresses the attitude the team must leave Peru.

"Getting to the circle with a result in favor is much more convenient. We want to get out and win all matches, we do not go looking for draws. That's what we have to do. We have to worry about how we will order, more than what the opponent will do. They have to worry about us. You have to go out and attack, "he said.

The striker has also spoken of the height of 2300 meters below which the duel will be challenged. "This is a climatic factor that can not be controlled and you just have to adjust, there are times when you have to do more in these games, but I think all the players we have are able to give it and do not think , it's a big complication, "he said.

"I believe we will do well there (in Arequipa), we have to demonstrate what we have done in friendly matches and improve some details, I think we are well prepared," Henriquez said.

The first match between the Peruvians and the Chileans, valid for phase 2 of the mainland tournament, is scheduled for Tuesday at 20:30 in Arequipa.

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