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her daughter will be called Clara, and her godmother will be the famous sister Nora of the Santa Clara Foundation,

Author: Team Glamourama / February 12, 2019

Jose Miguel Vinuela lives a happy moment with his wife, two children and a little girl on the road. Mega's funny man is a grateful man, and yesterday he said his daughter would be called Clara, and one of the girl's godparents would be the popular sister Nora.

Mucho Gusto's painter returns from his family holiday and returns to the program where he asks for his wife's third pregnancy, Constanza Lira.

Vinyuela said the girl would be called Clara in honor of the Italian saint, who in turn gave the name of the Santa Clara Foundation, directed by Nora Valencia, which became famous during the last Vineyard festival.

Valencia is the nun who attended Miguel Bose's show at the Garden City Music Competition. There he sat down next to Jean Philippe Creton, and on the net one of them became viral.

Sister Nora has long been close to TV actors like Vinniela, who helped her in her work, and she has been invited to various show and brand meetings from the cocktail party to honor the top Kate Moss model made at the museum. fashion, event of the brand of Kiehl leather products, among others.

The conviction and closeness of Valencia to Valencia is so great that the driver chose her as one of her daughter's baptisms.

– May I tell you Papa? Do you know who the godfather will be? My daughter will have two godparents. One is Constanza's sister, and the other knows who he is …? Sister Nora will be my daughter's godmother, "he said on the screen.

The face of the channel, Vikunya McKenna, also told how a family trip with her pregnant wife showed on screen the last ultrasound that Constanza did:

Jose Miguel Vinuela: This image I find is magical because you can see the legs. And what you see on the side is the hand. This really is one of the most exciting images. It has to be said, however, that I do not know whether these are women or young girls, but this pregnancy is more like … It changes the character a bit.

"That's why I had to take responsibility. I went on holiday and I was the one who cared for the car, the towels that were hung up, the small arms, the saviors, everything.

Karol Dance: "But it is good"

Vinuela: "Day, afternoon and night"

Begoña Basauri: – Do you need a break from the holidays?

Vinuela: – You have to support the mother. Not only that, diapers and, well, everything that compensates for the vision of this image. I believe that life is really a miracle, and we look forward to seeing this "-IGRAD HERE VIDEO."

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