Monday , June 21 2021

Here you have 10 minutes of Atomic Heart, one of the largest standard beams for tracking rays

Atomic heartfrom the unknown Russian studio Mundfish, made it clear to us that it is one of the biggest standards for the future of videogames thanks to the use of technology ray tracking about us in front of the doors of photorealism,

Although it's also announced for the PS4 and Xbox One, it's clear that it will be just a PC where it will show its best. But so far we have seen several videos, almost all with demonstrative effect techniques,

Today we must finally see: a gameplay long-term pre-alpha on a computer. And since it is logical, it is noted that before the situations of action in his open world, the performance begins to show something kissing. Now, as a BioShock-like essence universe, we still find it extremely attractive and the closest to a game well done in Westworld.

Internal video.

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